STAR NATION - Be the Light You Are
About Us
The Company originated as I developed my skills and gifts to embrace the idea that we are all part of the Greater Universe - all connected. My aim is to bring awareness, healing, enlightenment and direction for my clients. It is my belief we each have a soul mission, whilst on Earth, a divine blueprint and we are given opportunities to grow and deliver that soul mission. It is why we are here is it not?
 I offer insightful readings using my Clairvoyancy and Tarot which aim to clarify your life path and offer the spiritual guidance you need. Working with Spirit and The Angelic Realm I bring wisdom healing and purpose where needed. I also serve Spiritual Centres and Churches. Please contact me for a sitting. These are also available via Skype at a cost of £30.
There are two distinctive ways of healing - hands on & distant.
For a small nominal fee per month I will link in with my Guides, Angels and Helpers and send healing exactly where needed. I have been working as a healer for 25 years and my clients report  miracle workers have failed where I have succeeded. I do see this very much as a gift. I am not motivated by money but the desire to share my gift and bring comfort to those in need of healing. This can be emotional, mental, physical or spiritual healing. It works on all levels. 

Distant Healing is sent weekly and all I need is your name and details of the health problem. You can submit a form via the " contact us " page or telephone to arrange.This is currently available at £40 per month (thats £10.00 per session) and benefits are normally noticed immediately. You may not require more than a months subscription.

 I am based near Yeovil, Somerset but periodically I travel the Country giving readings and healings so it is possible I may be near you. Check out my events page to see what festivals & fayres I will be attending.



 Full Body Aromatherapy Massage              £40
 Back Neck & Shoulder Massage                 £25
 Facial Massage                                           £20
 Aroma facial & Full Body Massage             £55
 Reflexology Treatment                                £25
 Angel Healing                                              £45
 Reiki Healing                                               £25
 Spiritual Healing                                          £10
 Crystal/Chakra Re-Alignment                      £25

Please look at my testimonials if you are in any doubt as to whether healing will work for you.
Please telephone if you need help with choosing a particular treatment, or alternatively send me an e-mail via my contacts page.
             I look forward to working with you and helping you back into wholeness.
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