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Welcome to my web site. It is an amalgamation of the work I do and aims to give you the information you need for transformation, healing and growth. 
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A Little about Myself
My name is Joanna and I am an International Therapist, Medium, Spiritual Healer, Events Organiser and Teacher. Bristol born I now reside in the beautiful East Coker Hamlet near Yeovil, Somerset where I offer a range of holistic treatments, workshops, retreats and courses. Through my own personal journey I came to follow a spiritual pathway seeking answers, development and learning. I now pass that knowledge onto others to help bring them back into wholeness. I can offer in person appointments, distant healing, readings and retreats.
I also run workshops, fayres and events.
Do have a look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.

I am a fully qualified and experienced (25yrs) holistic practitioner.
April Therapies
April Therapies
Treatment Roon
All treatments are carried out with compassion and professionalism. Combining the use of several disciplines to restore balance, harmony and equilibrium. I tailor each treatment to suit the client drawing on my expertise within the area of healing and therapeutic touch.
I am able to offer the following therapies:-
  • The application of pure natural (none of the oils I use are tested on animals and all carry a certificate of authenticity). The oils are sourced from all around the World and can treat ailments varied & wide. These are applied using massage and a blend of eastern & western techniques. These range from a full body massage, aromafacial and back neck and shoulder massage. I also offer a 90 minute de-luxe aroma- facial with full body massage.

  • The treatment of zones on the feet which mirror parts of the body. This is both a relaxing and stimulating experience that can treat all manner of symptoms and dis-ease and is equally wonderful if booked purely for relaxation.
  •  Working with the Angelic Realm  this is a very powerful healing treatment, both gentle and focussed bringing healing where needed on all levels - emotional, mental, physical & spiritual. The Angels are a wonderful force in our lives and can help with all kinds of situations but we need to ask - they cannot always intervene - this is a law of the Universe. This is an incredible therapy and can release all manner of blocks.
  •  Working with crystals to re-balance our  auric field and re-align the energy centres (chakras) to re-store harmony and un block any areas where the natural flow of "chi" is absent. The client lays fully clothed on a couch whilst appropriate stones and crystals are placed above the chakras, the practitioner adds the laying on of hands over the stones.
  •  The ancient Japanese art of channelling universal healing to the client. Again a very powerful treatment that works on all levels. This can shift emotions, clear blocks and heal physical symptoms and illnesses.
    Guided by Spirit and Intuition healing is channelled to the client from the God source 
    providing relaxation, upliftment and promoting the body's own healing process.   
    Healing occurs on many levels and certainly not just physical.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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